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Bookkeeping services, accounting services and more

Bookkeeping Services

Financial Statements

Financial Statements

We are capable of organizing and maintaining financial records competently & completely, no matter how complicated your finances may be. We are familiar with a wide range of financial tools and tricks that make financial statement preparation a breeze.


Let us show you how your financial statement can help you make the best financial decisions for you business.


Services Include:

  • Profit and Loss Statements

  • Balance Sheets

  • General Ledgers

  • Bank Reconciliaions

  • Sales Tax Reports

  • Fixed Asset Reporting

  • Adjusting Journal Entries

  • Year End Closing



Payroll Services

Payroll is a critical responsibility of your accounting department. That's why we offer your business the advantage of outsourcing both payroll and bookkeeping to just one vendor, and making accounting tasks even easier.


In addition to the basic payroll service we can provide human resource support and help you administer employee benefit and 401K programs.


Services Include:

  • Obtain Payroll Information

  • Process Payroll-Calculate Taxes and Deductions

  • Prepare Checks & Pay Stubs 

  • Direct Deposit Available

  • Initiate Payroll Tax Payments

  • Quarterly Payroll Tax Reporting

  • Annual Payroll Reports & W2's



Controller Services
Controller Services

Spend time managing your business, not your accounting function! We will manage your entire accounting department freeing you to focus on what is most important, running your business. No more hassle, as all of your bookkeeping needs will be covered by our controller services!


We can provide controller services for about the same price as hiring an internal bookkeeper. No more hiring, training, or supervising an employee.


Services Include:

  • Manage all Bookkeeping Functions

  • Work With Your Internal Bookkeeper 

  • Or, Provide All Bookkeeping Services

  • Cash Flow Analysis and Customized Spreadsheets

  • High End Service at the Cost of a Bookkeeper

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Services

We help you manage your cash flow by monitoring your accounts receivable at all times while reducing overhead, increasing productivity, and resolving disputes quickly. We will keep your accounts receivable data up-to-date and provide timely aging reports that you need to manage your collections.


Services Include:

  • Review and Record Invoices

  • Prepare and Mail Invoices

  • Prepare Accounts Receivable Agings

  • Deliver Customer Statements and Notices

  • Follow Up with Customers, if requested.


Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Services

Our comprehensive accounts payable services are affordable, reliable and secure. We make managing and processing your bills easy, so your payments are made on time, disputes are 
handled quickly, and fraudulent charges become a thing of the past. 


You will have full control of approving bills to be paid and when the payments are sent.


Services Include:

  • Maintain Vendor List and Data

  • Enter All Bills and Invoices Due

  • Prepare Aging of Bills Due

  • Check for Duplicate Bills

  • Prepare Checks or Schedule Electronic Payment


Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Services

Filing on time is the best way to avoid time-consuming, frustrating problems with the government. Don’t let the stress of trying to file complicated taxes on your own overwhelm you. Let us help bear your burden. 


Although we no longer offer income tax preparation services, we will work with your Tax Preparer or CPA to provide all the information necessary to prepare your business tax return. Together with your CPA you can count on an accurate and timely tax return, knowing the details have been taken care of.



Free pick up and delivery.

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